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FYI--Mark Your Calendars
Mar. 8       2:10 pm dismissal
Mar. 10     11:45 am Q3 P.A. Assembly; 12:10 pm dismiss (SIP Day); Last day of 3rd Quarter
Mar. 15     2:10 pm dismissal; 3:30 pm Q3 Grades posted on Skyward; 7:00 pm Board Meeting in District Office
Mar. 17     12:10 pm dismissal (SIP); Q3 Report Cards posted online (print copies by request)
Mar. 21     (AM) PARCC Test Day 1
Mar. 22     (AM) PARCC Test Day 2; 2:10 pm dismissal
Mar. 23     (AM) PARCC Test Day 3; Happy birthday to Mrs. Batson
Mar. 24     PARCC Test Make-up day
Mar. 26     Happy birthday to Ms. Travis
Mar. 27     Happy birthday to Ms. M-M
Mar. 28     (AM) PARCC Test Day 4
Mar. 29     (AM) PARCC Test Day 5; 2:10 pm dismiss; 6:00 pm Parent Involvement Mtg. at A-AMS (Avon)
Mar. 30     (AM) PARCC Test Day 6
Mar. 31-Apr. 6   PARCC Test Make-up Days
Apr. 5       2:10 pm dismissal
Apr. 12     2:10 pm dismissal; 7:00 pm Board Meeting
Apr. 13-17  No school for Spring Break 
Apr. 19     2:10 pm dismissal
Apr. 26     2:10 pm dismissal; 6:00-7:00 pm A-AMS Parent Involvement Meeting at A-AHS (Abingdon)
Apr. 28     K-12 Art Show; (Time: TBA) A-AMS will go to A-AHS to see Art Show
May 1-5    “Staff Appreciation Week”
May 1       6:30 pm High Honors Banquet at A-AHS
May 3       2:10 pm dismissal
May 10     2:10 pm dismissal; 7:00 pm BOE Meeting at A-AHS
May 11     Happy birthday to Ms. Courson
May 17     2:10 pm dismissal
May 19     (Times: TBA) “8th Grade Celebration”
May 22     (Note change) Full day of school
May 23     (Note change) Full day of school
May 24     2:10 pm dismissal
May 25     2:10 pm dismissal; “AES Field Day” (tentative--last day of school)
May 26     No school-Teacher Institute

Parent PARCC Letter from the State Superintendent of Education

Students, Families and Staff,

Attached is an anonymous form where you can report bullying that is going on here at Abingdon-Avon Middle School. If you need more information, or a definition, of what bullying looks/sounds like, please see page 15 of the AAMS student handbook. These reports will be submitted to the school guidance counselor as well as the principal, and those determined, after investigation, to have engaged in bullying, intimidation or harassment will be subject to disciplinary consequences as provided in the AAMS student handbook.

Bully Reporting Form

This report is for students to use to report any type of bullying they see in school/online.
NOTE: The information provided will remain anonymous.

Bullying is defined as: When someone is tormented, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or otherwise targeted by another person over time.

Thank you,

Mrs. Winski

AAMS School Guidance Counselor


Abingdon-Avon Middle School 
320 E. Woods St.
Avon, IL 61415
Phone: 309-465-3621
Fax: 309-465-7194


Abingdon-Avon Middle School will provide, in partnership with the parents, a quality education so that all students are able to reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.