Message from Mr. Cox and A-AMS Staff:
All 8th graders' parents/guardians are invited to our 8th Grade “S.W.A.P. Day” at 8:10 am–12:10 pm Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. S.W.A.P. (Students With Active Parents) Day is our annual event where parents get to go to school all day with their children. This concept was started as a community outreach program 3 years ago and we made it an annual tradition. We invite one grade level’s parents/guardians to each S.W.A.P. Day. Our 8th Grade S.W.A.P. Day will be on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017.

The purpose of “S.W.A.P. Day” is meant to be like another open house. It is a good way for parents to see teachers and students in action, spend time with their children and experience a day in middle school! Parents will go from class to class following their student’s schedule. During all classes, we ask parents to sit with their child and learn with your child just like you are a student in the class.  We know not all parents are able to attend “S.W.A.P. Day” with their children; however, we appreciate parents trying to make the time to participate in this school/family event.

A-AMS 12:10 pm Early Dismissal Schedule
Period 1   8:10 – 8:42 am
Period 2   8:45 – 9:17
Period 3   9:20 – 9:52
Period 4   9:55 – 10:27
Period 5   10:30 – 11:02
Period 6   11:05 – 11:36
Period 7   11:39 – 12:10 pm

S.W.A.P. Day Do’s and Don’ts
*Do keep your cell phones on “silent” or “off” during all classes
*Don’t take pictures of our staff and/or our students
*Don’t post staff and/or student pictures to social media websites

*Do be on time to school and to all of your child’s classes
*Don’t smoke on our school campus – It is a State Law!
*Do park all vehicles in parking spaces North/South of A-AMS and
*Do watch for AES/A-AMS school children and bus traffic!

FYI--Mark Your Calendars
Feb. 6-24  “Pennies for Patients”- Bring in donations to help fight Leukemia & Lymphoma! 
Feb. 16     7:00 pm Meet/Greet our new Supt. & Board of Education Meeting at A-AHS

Feb. 17     Happy birthday to Mr. Cox
Feb. 19     4:30 pm 8th Grade Celebration Meeting at Hardee's in Abingdon
Feb. 20     No school for Presidents Day
Feb. 22     2:10 pm dismissal; 6:00-7:00 pm Parent Involvement Mtg. at A-AHS (Abingdon) Room 14
Feb. 24     8:10 am - 12:10 pm “8th Grade S.W.A.P. Day”; 12:10 pm dismissal (SIP)
Feb. 26     Happy birthday to Mrs. Boone
Mar. 1       2:10 pm dismissal
Mar. 3       6:30-8:30 pm School Dance in AES A.P. Room hosted by A-AMS Student Council
Mar. 8       2:10 pm dismissal; 7:00 pm Board Meeting at A-AHS
Mar. 10     11:45 am Q3 P.A. Assembly; 12:10 pm dismiss (SIP Day); Last day of 3rd Quarter
Mar. 15     2:10 pm dismissal; 3:30 pm Q3 Grades posted on Skyward!
Mar. 17     12:10 pm dismissal (SIP); Q3 Report Cards posted online (print copies by request)
Mar. 21     PARCC Test Day 1
Mar. 22     PARCC Test Day 2; 2:10 pm dismissal
Mar. 23     PARCC Test Day 3; Happy birthday to Mrs. Batson
Mar. 24     (Tentative) PARCC Test Make-ups
Mar. 26     Happy birthday to Ms. Travis
Mar. 27     Happy birthday to Ms. M-M
Mar. 28     PARCC Test Day 4
Mar. 29     PARCC Test Day 5; 2:10 pm dismiss; 6pm Parent Involvement Mtg. at A-AMS
Mar. 30     PARCC Test Day 6
Mar. 31-Apr. 6    PARCC Test Make-up Days
Apr. 5       2:10 pm dismissal
Apr. 12     2:10 pm dismissal; 7:00 pm Board Meeting at A-AHS
Apr. 13-17   No school for Spring Break 
Apr. 19     2:10 pm dismissal

Parent PARCC Letter from the State Superintendent of Education

Students, Families and Staff,

Attached is an anonymous form where you can report bullying that is going on here at Abingdon-Avon Middle School. If you need more information, or a definition, of what bullying looks/sounds like, please see page 15 of the AAMS student handbook. These reports will be submitted to the school guidance counselor as well as the principal, and those determined, after investigation, to have engaged in bullying, intimidation or harassment will be subject to disciplinary consequences as provided in the AAMS student handbook.

Bully Reporting Form

This report is for students to use to report any type of bullying they see in school/online.
NOTE: The information provided will remain anonymous.

Bullying is defined as: When someone is tormented, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or otherwise targeted by another person over time.

Thank you,

Mrs. Winski

AAMS School Guidance Counselor


Abingdon-Avon Middle School 
320 E. Woods St.
Avon, IL 61415
Phone: 309-465-3621
Fax: 309-465-7194


Abingdon-Avon Middle School will provide, in partnership with the parents, a quality education so that all students are able to reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.